Monday, February 15, 2010


This Mac corner is the "hospital" for friends of Macs only! (Malfunctioned due to too much gaming and homework at the same time). 

Science park? No, it is a science garden - a garden in the School of Science and Technology, Singapore. Or a garden for future scientists and engineers to talk and think!

Who knew what they were talking about? 
Surely, gossip loh!  
How do I know?
You see, nothing on the table at the canteen! Definitely not for lunch la!

Behind the science park, I mean, behind this park! What do you see behind this park? Some buildings under the blue sky with floating clouds - yah,  poetic enough! 

They are not footballers, although there is a goal post at the right hand side of the picture. 
Some of them are hopping on the grass, so they are "grasshoppers", aren't they?

There is no specific time for photography as nowadays new technology offers all possibilities for photographers to take photos at any place, any time, any circumstances. 

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  1. The lighting is good. It fits with the theme, and the photos are rather natural.